New School Process

Same artistic passion and technical expertise, just different tools.

We have many ways of bringing your jewelry ideas to life, and are excited to utilize the latest technology to design and model your vision. Using a powerful computer design program known as CAD, we can visually combine your ideas and our artistry.


Listening to your ideas is the most important step when creating stunning jewelry. What stones will you choose? What size and shape? What color metal? We will input this and more into our CAD program to get things rolling.


Ideas are sketched directly into the computer matrix, allowing for your immediate understanding of the overall piece. We are free to be flexible and make alterations at this stage, as the technology allows us to save and adjust the design as we progress.


A rendering is a photo-realistic image of your finished piece. It is a fantastic communication tool. A rendering ensures we are on the same design page before moving into the actual creation stage.

CAD3- Rendering-Actual
CAD4- Rendering-Actual


The final CAD rendering is the basis for making a wax model to cast. It can be handcarved (as described on our Old School Process page), or the CAD program can send the information to a mill or 3-D printer to creation the model. Either way- we have your model ready to cast and complete!

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