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Andrew is a master! He and Pam invite their customers to become part of their creations resulting in absolutely fabulous designs and connections with their jewels and gems! ”

~ Margo

What started as a designer/artist/client relationship has led to a friendship that I hold dear. You are two beautiful souls, good humans, empathetic artists. Our rings hold an added meaning because of you. Thank you, thank you.

~ John

Andrew and Pam are the best! They provide an experience that is unmatchable. They are true artists, and they love to share their craft with the world. They are wonderful people who provide a personalized experience. They are a pleasure to discover art with. I would recommend them to anybody. ”

~ Brett

Thank you for not only giving us such beautiful rings, but for truly caring about us and knowing us. It’s obvious you love what you do!
~ Paul & Alana

Although I was initially intimidated about creating a piece of custom jewelry, Andrew and Pam immediately put me at ease. Their process of listening to my needs and then explaining their capabilities and what was possible lead us to a great solution together.

~ Chris

Loved the work he did on Tammy’ s wedding ring. Tammy came up with the design and Andrew made it far better than we could have imagined.

~ Josh

My husband wanted to include me in the design process because he knew I would want something that was meaningful, totally wearable, and in step with my own personal taste. And even though I was able to see the design and give feedback along the way, when my husband presented me with the finished ring it was just as thrilling as if I’d never seen it.

My now husband and I came to them for a custom engagement ring and the entire creative process was not only smooth as sailing, it was also really fun. (Who doesn’t want to spend an afternoon sifting through several diamond options?) The Savases are masters of keeping the “wow!” moment as a necessary part of the final product.

Since then, I’ve purchased other jewelry for myself, for family, and for friends and it’s such a great opportunity to give a gift that is unique and truly from the heart. I trust them to exceed my expectations every time and I’ll be looking forward to many more chances to work with them in the future!

~ Gretchen

When having your jewelry made by Andrew you can feel the meaning behind it when you wear it!!!!!

~ Trisha

Walked in for a watch link issue came out with my rings sparkling just like the days I got them! And my watch too. Thanks again!

~ Brooke

A cut above the rest – no regrets here as they understand the meaning of “value.”

~ Shawn

A cut above the rest – no regrets here as they understand the meaning of “value. ~ Shawn

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